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Firewatch Quicky Review

Let’s start by saying Firewatch by Campo Santo is an amazing game. The graphics are gorgeous, voice acting stupendous, with an amazing/unique story to boot. However, it is not a game for everyone. This game is a slow burner (hah get it?).

There are tasks that need to be completed but you could go about it your own way. Everyone’s gaming experience will be different based on the dialogue and optional actions they choose. I was so intrigued with all the possibilities in how the story could have went I stayed up an extra hour scrolling through YouTube videos.

My favorite part of the Firewatch experience is that it can be completed in one sitting. I played the game with a group of 6 guys taking us about 3 hours to complete. Reiterating the fact that Firewatch is not for everyone out of the 6 guys watching the game being played 2 left before game completion, 2 fell asleep, and the final 2 played it to the end at 4 in the morning.

I of course was one the players truly captivated by the story. Without going into any details about the story I recommend checking Firewatch out, especially if you like shorter unique games. I will be looking out for future projects by Campo Santo.



beautiful graphics

great voice acting


annoying compass

following the map was cumbersome at times

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