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E3 2017: EA Play Event Coming To Hollywood

E3 2016 EA made some noise in the industry by announcing that they wouldn’t be present at E3. They actually skipped getting a booth at the LA convention center itself and set up shop right outside the center, where they hosted their own event called EA Play. Visitors simply had to visit their event to get some hands-on time with their upcoming titles.

EA is sticking to the same script this year. Instead of staying directly outside of the convention center, the company will be moving their event to Hollywood. It’s shocking since this year marks the first time that E3 will be open to the public.Which seems to be bring some energy to event that has seen better days.

EA will be announcing more details about their event on April 20, and tickets will start going on sale then. The event starts June 10 to 12, and visitors will get to check out titles like the new Star Wars Battlefront and Need For Speed game. The annual EA Sports titles will be there as well, of course.

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