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Yakuza 0 Review Roundup

The prequel to Sega’s Japanese crime saga Yakuza has finally come stateside. This is great time to enter the world of Yakuza since Sega finally bring us a prequel to there series which is at 6 games already . Yakuza 6 released in Japan in December 2016 and will came out state side early 2018. The reviews have been great for Yakuza 0 and has be excited to enter this franchise for first time.

PSNStores- 90

Yakuza 0’s story is full of twists and turns that’ll keep you guessing and make it exceedingly hard to put the controller down. The final few hours of this game are absolutely phenomenal. I’m not sure words can properly do it justice, there’s plenty of major events that cause you to shout out to no one in particular in the middle of the night just from pure excitement.

GamingTrend- 90

Yakuza 0 is a great entry into the series, with plenty for old fans and newcomers alike. Its story is cheesy and melodramatic at times, and the graphics are a bit outdated, but between a nearly perfect melee combat system and a city bursting at the seams with activity, anyone looking for a sandbox crime game should definitely pick this one up.

IGN - 85

While its melee combat may lag slightly behind modern genre standards, Yakuza 0 still hits far more than it misses and is a big, bold and bruising tour through the Japanese underworld.

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