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Was Last Guardian Worth the Wait?

As I sit here writing this, the credits are rolling. It has been a long journey from the first announcement to where we are now. Delay after delay, with numerous rumors constantly flying around about the game’s ultimate doom, I can finally say I played the game. I was hesitant to buying the game after initial reviews came out. It was by chance a friend of mine got the game as a promotion. I began playing the game not expecting much but began to enjoy it. The price finally dropped to a price point I felt comfortable with, so I bought it for myself. I’ll start by saying this game is not perfect by any means. The game is littered with annoying camera angles and wonky mechanics.

The mechanics take a little getting used to. It took me about 15 minutes to get the hang of it. Once you get the hang of it the game becomes much more enjoyable. With that in mind the mechanics did cause me to rage quit a few times. The most frustrating parts were the times when I was doing the right thing but the game wouldn’t register it correctly (had to peek at walkthroughs to confirm I was doing the right thing). The graphics are downright gorgeous. It was a pleasure scanning the horizons and exploring the many environments. I played on the regular old launch PS4 so no fancy upgrades for me. I will tell you I was very close to pulling the trigger on the PS4 Pro for this game, but ultimately the rarity of P.T. kept my wallet shut. I am a dog owner so it didn’t take long for me to feel a connection to the beast, Trico. Though there were hiccups in trying to command Trico to me this actually made the connection stronger. It felt like one of my real-life companions. Some scenes truly left me at the edge of seat. I won’t go into detail because for me these were the best scenes in the game. Not to mention the soundtrack was on point. If you’ve read some of my reviews in the past you know the soundtrack is very important to me. The puzzles were mostly fun, difficult at times, and sometime just a pain in the neck. As with many puzzle games you just have to trudge through it. It’s unfortunate I can’t give the game a perfect score simply because the mechanics were very frustrating at times. At the same time, I would be playing the game for what felt like maybe 30 minutes but turned out it was more like 3 hours. That’s how engrossing the game can become. The question becomes was it worth the 10+ years wait? Honestly I think it was. I truly enjoyed the experienced by the end of it. There was too much for me to like to give the game a mediocre score based on annoying mechanics. I would say if your hesitant in getting the game just wait until it’s on sale.

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