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Toys R Us Restocked With Nintendo Switch Saturday

The Nintendo Switch becoming a hard to obtain console now and almost every retailer is sold out leaving gamers heading to ebay and paying a reseller fee or wait for a new shipment of units to arrive. Recently, GameStop received their second shipment today and it’s already likely sold out in nearly every location. However, thanks to a report by GameSpot, we have a slight heads up on where gamers can purchase a console if they are luckily enough to reach the retailers before the crowd.

Toys R Us, is receiving their second shipment of units on March 25, 2017, will be sold to customer immediately. so you’ll want to get their extra early and reserve a spot in line.

Toys R Us will be receiving their second shipment but it is unknown just how many units each store will receive. Based on past experience if you live in a highly populated area, there’s a good chance you might be waiting for the third shipment for another chance at obtaining a console. So be ready to camp out very early if you want a shot at buying a console.

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