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People are mad about Yooka Laylee for Not coming out on the Switch at launch.

After a few very public disappointing kickstarter game projects the public funding crowd has become more wary and more wise. Some have become more vocal which has even been beneficial for the project while others will jump to conclusions and try and cause damage. Honestly as a backer you should demand the best and if you are unhappy you should let the developer know why. Yooka Laylee is a spiritual successor to old N64 platformers created by staff that worked for Rare. The game recently went gold and things are shaping up except for one problem. People are demanding for it to also come out for Nintendo Switch at launch and even threatening to pull their money. Their rationality is that since Yooka Laylee is a love letter to Nintendo's 3D platformer golden-age it NEEDS to be on a Nintendo system. Only one problem. YOOKA LAYLEE HAS BEEN IN PRODUCTION BEFORE THE NINTENDO SWITCH WAS EVEN ANNOUNCED! Seriously the game was recently finished and the Nintendo Switch is not even out yet. Porting a game and getting the paperwork done is not a fast process since the Switch has different specs than both the PS4 and XB1 it would definitely set the Kickstart campaign back. Cut them some slack, if anything the fact that we are getting a Rare style platformer that looks well put together is enough of a reason to be happy regardless of what system its on. Let them finish the game and accomplish their Kickstarter goals they promised their backers before doing anything else. Yooka Laylee will most likely go to the Switch BUT it will take time. If you get pissed and pull your funding or refuse to buy the game then it will defiantly not come out on the Switch. Buy the game help it become successful and if it makes enough money then the developers will be compelled to get it onto a different platforms. If you want to be mad at Yooka Laylee for not living up to your expectations or just strait up sucking that's fine BUT if you are going to attack them for not coming out for a system that wasn't even announced when the project first started please watch the video link below.

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