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Day of Infamy is the spiritual sequel to Day of Defeat we always Dreamed of.

When you talk about successful Half Life mods, three games usually come to mind: Counter Strike, Team Fortress, and of course, Day of Defeat. While all three of these mods received a fresh coat of paint with the new source engine, Day of Defeat was given little love. Counter Strike received another remake (Global Offensive), and Team Fortress churned out a sequel. While both Counter Strike and Team Fortress to this day constantly receive new content, Day of Defeat does not, and the game kind of got shafted.

The game has a very active community and a huge player base, yet nothing new has been released for the game in several years. The original mod even included the United Kingdom as a playable faction, yet only America and Germany are playable now.

Now, Day of Infamy is in the works. An Insurgency mod that is now standalone and in early access, Day of Infamy is literally giving the Day of Defeat community what they have been asking for. With a focus on realism, the game has its differences from its predecessor, but the core pillars seen in Day of Defeat are very familiar. Using machine guns to control space, and grenades to flush out enemies still remain key strategies. The fast paced, close quarters fighting mixed with long range rifle battles that made Day of Defeat a classic are all present, along with modernized controls and additional weapons for each class.

The game is in Alpha, and the graphics are definitely the weakest point BUT! The gameplay is so on point that honestly they don’t really matter, BUT! If you are a stickler for graphics the community has you covered. The Steam Workshop is becoming more active in adding in community made textures, sounds and music. The community will most likely help you tailor the game’s presentation to your liking, whether it’s ultra-realist, or downright silly.

If you are a Day of Defeat fan, get this game NOW! If you aren’t, and you either loved Insurgency, or are just looking for a great shooter, defiantly check Day of Infamy out.

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