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Does Overwatch Need More Heroes?

Will Blizzard Add New Heroes to Overwatch?

Currently, Overwatch has 21 playable characters, but players have started to speculate that more characters might be added soon. Though Blizzard has debunked these fan theories, theories that were entirely based off an Overwatch short titled “Hero,” it certainly would make sense that new characters would eventually be added to Overwatch.

For now, it seems like Blizzard is content with the game’s diverse group of heroes, but if they want players to stay interested, they’re going to need to add new heroes eventually. As of now, there are enough characters to keep players engaged for months, but Overwatch is a long-term game, and Blizzard is going to need to start thinking in the long-term.

Of course, adding new characters would present new issues for Blizzard. The game is actually pretty well balanced as of now, and adding a new hero might disrupt this balance, leaving Blizzard with more work to do. However, Blizzard has had a lot of experience dealing with balance issues in games, especially in titles like World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone, so they shouldn’t be too shy about tackling balance issues. In fact, Heroes of the Storm has released new characters pretty consistently, and though the game’s balance has been disrupted at times, Blizzard has found ways to nerf overpowered heroes.

All in all, fans should be more patient in awaiting new characters. The game is less than a week old, and it still is loads of fun with its current cast of characters. At the same time, Blizzard shouldn’t be too cautious about adding new characters, and the company should eventually start adding new heroes to their widely popular multiplayer FPS.

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