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Anime Review: Dimension W

In the year 2036, a fourth dimensional axis with a limitless amount of energy is found and named Dimension W. This energy is drawn-out by cross-dimensional towers created by New Tesla Energy; there are 60 of these towers located across the world in a honeycomb structure, and these towers are used to stabilize the energy from this new dimension.

Coils are created to give energy to everything in the world from cars, guns, robots, to everything in-between. Dimension W takes place 10 years after the creation of coils in the year 2072, set in an era where illegal coils are being used. These illegal coils don’t send information back to New Tesla, so “Collectors” are given the task of confiscating these coils


Our “hero” is Kyouma Marchi, a character who doesn’t fit the normal hero mold. Kyouma is a collector who hates all coils and loves old age power. He doesn’t work for New Tesla Energy, but instead works for a shady club owner named Mary. Mary works with a computer expert named Koorogi. A perfect loner, Kyouma doesn’t get along with anyone, but he maintains a partnership with Mary by collecting coils, and selling them to her for both cash and gas. His weapons of choice are large, razor sharp throwing spikes.

In episode one, Kyouma is after some illegal coils, and with Koorogi’s intel, he patiently waits outside a building. While waiting, he is surprised to see a kidnapped girl thrown into the room.

With the nimbleness of a supercharged ninja, and the help of his throwing spikes, Kyouma dispenses of the criminals. One criminal escapes for a brief moment, and grabs the girl to use as a shield. Our “hero” is completely unmoved by this action, and the girl has to save herself. Amidst her attempt at saving herself, the girl reveals to Kyouma that she is a robot, and this embarrasses the girl so much that she slaps Kyouma and knocks him out.

The girl, robot Mira Yurizaki, is actually interested in the illegal coils for some unknown reason. Kyouma awakens to the presence of Albert Schuman, a New Tesla Energy “employee” who seems to be an acquaintance, and who actually is making fun of Kyouma for “sleeping on the job.”

Kyouma rushes after the girl. We next see Schuman at Dr. Yurizaki’s apartment. Shido Yurizaki is the founder of New Tesla Energy, and he had disappeared two years ago following the death of his wife and daughter. During the time of his disappearance, Dr. Yurizaki created a new “daughter,” Mira Yurizaki. Out front of Yurizaki’s apartment, Schuman begs Yurizaki to surrender, but he refuses and actives a device that burns out all nearby coils, including Mira.

When Mira wakes up, she is with Kyouma, Koorgi, and Mary. Mira is naked on a table, which embarrasses her, so she covers herself with her hands. During this scene, she acts more human than anyone has seen. This is when Mary makes the decision for Kyouma to work with Mira, and keep her away from and unknown to New Tesla.

My first opinion of this anime as the first episode played was how much I love the mysterious, ill-tempered, ninja wanna-be character of Kyouma. I can’t explain why I fell in love with Kyouma Mabuchi, I guess his quick temper is partially what made him likeable.

As Kyouma interacts with the people in the episode, you feel that he is a typical “nice guy”. He seems like someone you want to understand better, and figure out what happened in the past to make him like this. The pairing of Mira and Kyouma is priceless. Mira seems to be the age of a 12 year old who you tell not to do something, and she goes and does it anyway. On the other hand, Kyouma seems like the angry grandpa who remembers the good ole days, and doesn’t comprehend this new coil technology.

Having seen the whole first season, I can’t wait for what season two might bring about. There are still a ton of unknowns, but the creators of the show did a great job of giving these characters the backstories you really are looking for in a series.

The series has great polarizing characters that you love immediately, and some that you will never grow warm too. I give this series a solid recommendation if you are looking for a good, new series to watch. Honestly, I have to say, this is one you shouldn’t miss. It’s fast paced, action packed, and boasts great character development. The music is all around great, and the show overall is tons of fun to watch.

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