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What the French Weapons in BF1 will most likely be.

The French are finally coming to Battlefield 1! I actually took a great interest in prototype weapons of the 19th century before BF1 was announce and I was excited to see many of the weapons I had been researching show up. Now with the french DLC I am going to show some of the French weapons I cam across. Since BF1 has prototype and obscure weapons (the Hellriegel for example only exists in two photos to prove that it existed) French prototype SMG's are all fair game. 1) Chauchat (French Variation Top, American Variation Bottom) - Support

This is 100% confirmed since it showed up in the promotion artwork above. The Chauchat was one of the first single man portable machine guns. It also had a horrible reputation due to its odd shaped which caused jamming and its slow firing speed. For game balance Dice would probably make it a powerful slow firing LMG. For variants the Chauchet was also adopted early by the American who had their own version which was more reliable. It would not surprise me if Dice took advantage of this in how many of the weapons had distinct variations. 2) Chauchat-Ribeyrolles 1918 (Regular Variation Top, Motorcycle Variation Bottom) - Assault

This little oddity is a very obscure French SMG prototype based off the Chauchat weapon platform. Not much is known about this weapon and its fire rate but if it was built around the Chauchat's design philosophy it could be a slow firing SMG with more of a punch. The weapon was also given a smaller magazine and barrel modification for use on motorcycles. These two variations would make interesting additions to the assault class giving them a bit more reach sacrificing their dominance in close range. 3) Fusil Automatique Modèle 1917 - Medic

During WW1 France was racing to out gun the Germans by heavily investing into replacing their bolt action weapons with semi autos. The weapon so use during the last two years of the war but was eventually shelved after the war. It was used in limited service during WW2 but its real legacy is how its gas operation heavily inspired the iconic M1 Garand. This semi automatic will probably be similar to the Mondragón and the Selbstlader. 4) Lebel Model 1886 - Scout

The standard rifle used on the front lines during WW1. This weapon has an 8 round tubular magazine and fired very fast. This pushed the Germans to make more advanced rifles to hope to compete against the French. This rifle would probably feel similar to the Enfield rifle with its high capacity and fire rate. 5) Ruby Pistol - Sidearm

An iconic pistol that was the backbone of the French army. This weapon was developed in Spain and was purchased in mass quantities during WW1 and still in production even after WW2 in 1958. This would be essential for the French and would be probably available for every class. 6) Hairbrush Grenade?

This probably won't show up but can't a guy dream. Used by England and France this Grenade is downright odd and worth of its name with its hairbrush shape. I mean they added the Kolibri so why not a hairbrush grenade? The Germans wield Stick Grenades while using Frag Grenades so why can't the French have their unique skin. Either way I wanted you guys to know about this precious gem of a grenade.

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