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Nintendo Switch Sold Out at GameStop

The incredible demands of the upcoming Nintendo's new console have reached its peak when the biggest game retailer is out of stock, as GameStop hits 1.2 million pre-orders.

This nothing new for Nintendo launch.I cant remember system launch from Nintendo where retailers had units for sales for nonpreorder customers. Game stop has said all their allocation have been taken up my customers. Its comes to no shock since Nintendo has very loyal fan base.

In an interview with GameSpot after the Switch's debut event last week, Reggie Fils-Aime, the Nintendo of America president, said he didn't anticipate the Switch running into the kind of supply-and-demand problem that faced the NES Classic Edition. Fils-Aime restated Nintendo's commitment to putting out 2 million units, worldwide, for the March launch.

Your best bet now is to use website like to notify when retailer put more units for sale.

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