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You Need to Be Playing Goldeneye Source Right Now

So last night I was up til the crack of dawn. I played "Goldeneye: Source" for nearly 5 hours straight. I was having more fun with its arena style insanity than most modern FPS multiplayer games released this year. Previous to Source, there was a remake based off the legendary N64 classic (or should I say "spiritual successor") that was released on the previous generation of consoles with mixed feelings. The story was different, and it felt more like a re-skin of Call of Duty (it was made by Activision after all). It did get great reviews though, and it was definitely not an awful game. It just didn't feel like the true remake we all had been waiting for.

"Goldeneye: Source" version 5.0 has been in production for some time, and was released earlier this month. So far, it only has the multiplayer aspect containing all the mayhem from the original. Weapons are cycled, game modes are varied and creative, while the overall nostalgic feeling you get from the original remained intact. Sadly, there is no single player, but if the game gains enough steam, the team might pull the trigger. After all, they spent a good portion of time modeling several single player maps that were not available for multiplayer in the original, along with soldier and scientist skins you could play as. It is made by a team of passionate fans, so we might get more details down the road. For now, we get a very well polished multiplayer experience that made the original a smash hit.

It is free and the servers are currently full of people. Right now is the best time to experience this gem. If you spent a large portion of your childhood playing this game, or never had the chance to experience one of the best FPS in history, follow this link and give it a try!

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