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Everyone Hates the New "Metal Gear".

Kojima recently revealed his latest project, Death Stranding, to unanimous praise and was probably the biggest highlight of E3. Konami, on the other hand, did not receive much praise when they showed off Metal Gear Survivor at Gamescom in Germany. They are currently in the process of damage control, as the dislikes on the reveal trailer continue to sky rocket with negative comments pouring in at a relentless pace.

The game feels like it's trying to capitalize on a worn out and downright lazy zombie survival co-op experience. It's similar to Capcom's Operation Racoon City, a game which Capcom decided to cash out on after the franchise took a major nose dive. Ironically, Capcom has been slowly climbing their way back to the top by taking major influence from Kojima's Silent Hills PS4 exclusive tech demo P.T, with the much anticipated Resident Evil 7. It almost seems ass backwards. Konami is repeating one of Capcoms biggest failures, while Capcom is taking influence from one of Konami's most well received games (despite the fact it was a tech demo). One justification is that these types of games are very easy to make, especially when you recycle almost all the assets used in the Phantom Pain.

It's a cheap cash in, and the Metal Gear fan base is not having it.

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