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Is the “Modular” Moto Z the Future of Smart Phones? I Sure Hope So!

Quick story before I get into why I bought the Moto Z Force as my newest phone. I’ll start off by proudly saying that prior to this story, I had never cracked a phone screen in my life. Well, somehow, I managed to crack 2 screens within two weeks of each other. The first phone I cracked was my Moto X Pure Edition. My Moto X PE hit a tile floor right on the corner, and before even picking the phone up, I knew it was done for.

Thanks to the phone’s LCD screen, anything touching the “crack zone” on the screen was non functioning. So until I could remedy the screen, I reactivated my old Moto X 1st generation.

Thanks to Pokemon Go and a short charging wire, I somehow flung my Moto X 1st generation to the ground with such force that I completely shattered the screen. However, through an array of broken glass chips and cracks, the screen was still functioning, thanks to its amoled screen. I went to one of those screen “fix-it” stands at the mall, and the guy wanted $250 to fix it. No thanks.

So instead I decided to continue to risk slicing my finger open while playing Pokemon Go, and I ordered a replacement screen off Ebay. When it arrived, I attempted to replace the screen myself, which turned out to be a big mistake.

By pure coincidence, I got an email advertising the Moto Z. I looked into it. Amoled screen- check, comparable to other leading brands- check, decent price (thanks to Best Buy + upgrade)- check. So I was in. I got the phone, and was completely blown away with how much I liked it. It feels very well built and durable. The UI feels familiar to the Moto family.

The major selling point to the phone is that the user can use magnetic “mods” that attach to the back of the phone to enhance the functionality of the device. Some “mods” included a projector, JBL speaker, battery packs, and even replaceable backs.

Now to be honest, I most likely would not have bought any of the release day “Mods,” but the best buy through and through is the JBL speaker. Boy, does that speaker pack a punch. I couldn't believe it. I was so impressed that I might actually purchase other “mods” in the future.

Out of the many phones I have upgraded to in the past, this one just feels right to me. Moto really got this phone right. So yes, if you are in the market for a new phone, definitely look into the Moto Z!

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