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World Of Warcraft Legion Pre-Patch Will Arrive July 19

Get ready to renew your WoW subscription, because the August 30th release date for The Legion expansion for World of Warcraft is rapidly approaching! Blizzard is offering players a reason to come back with their new pre-expansion patch, which is set to release this week. There are some very significant class changes that will come into play when this patch goes live. You can head over to Blizzard’s site for a full class preview.

Also in this patch, we will see changes to transmogrification, and players will be granted the ability to queue up for dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, or arenas as one class, while continuing to play as another while they wait.

Some time in August, players will be given early access to the Demon Hunter class, which won’t be released with the pre-patch. The pre-patch should be able to download in the background, but if you haven’t played World of Warcraft in a while, you should fire up the client to get the pre-patch data downloading.

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