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Red Dead Redemption backwards compatible July 8th

Red Dead Redemption, the open-world western from the publisher of Grand Theft Auto, will become backwards compatible on Xbox One on Friday, July 8th. The game was originally published on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2010.

In this case, if you purchased and still own Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360, you will be able to play it on the Xbox One, no matter which version you originally bought — the original, Undead Nightmare, or Game of the Year Edition. Red Dead Redemption will also be available on the Xbox One Game Store.

This is great news for many gamers who were holding onto their Xbox 360s just to play this game.

Back in February, Microsoft accidently allowed a few gamers to play RDR on Xbox One. Microsoft quickly patched up the Xbox One to block this backwards compatibility. Ever since that leak, gamers have frequently asked when backwards play for RDR would finally be released. Since there’s no news on a future RDR game, playing the original will have to do.

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