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Eder Cardoso on Plasma Puncher

Our bodies are a constant battlefield, fighting off a wide array of hostile microbial life forms. It's surprising that we don't often see too many games capitalize on the invisible wars taking place right under our skin. Single celled organisms have always fascinated me in how utterly alien and bizarre they are compared to other typical life forms we encounter on a daily basis. These microbial life forms out number us all a trillion to one. Plasma Puncher is a beautifully stylized beat 'em up centered around the daily struggle of our white blood cells. By taking the already unusual look of microorganisms, and stylizing them with some tongue and cheek humor, Eder Cardoso has created a game that looks and feels unique. I manged to talk to Eder to find out more.

Who are you? How did you get into the game industry? I´m Eder Cardoso, nice to meet you! I got into the game industry following the footsteps of my father, as he followed his father´s footsteps before, and thus giving continuity to the secular tradition of the Cardoso dinasty, the forgers of games!

How big is your team and how did you get together to make Plasma Puncher? We follow the classical two-men team formation, one for the arts and one for the codes! We met while studying Medicine at Oxford, but decided to invest ourselves in a more lucrative field instead.

What is Plasma Puncher? What platform are you launching it for? Plasma Puncher is first and foremost, a VIDEOGAME - that much, I can guarantee you! It also involves a white blood cell with severe cultural appropriation issues that punches microbes or some similar stuff. It´s going to be on PC and later on Mobiles of many kinds! Other than that, only the future can tell... How did Plasma Puncher come about? The game has a distinct style, what helped influence it? It came from my vast imagination and unique sensibilities, of course. I needed nothing to influence it, as everything I do is the result of my own spectacular sense of style (or SSS, as I like to call it).

Why did you choose to focus on single celled organisms as your theme?

I think the microscopic world is really fascinating and could be much more explored in a variety of game genres. How cool would be an RTS game based on the struggles that go on inside our bodies, for example? In the case of Plasma Puncher, I thought the theme of white blood cells trying to fight an external invasion of microorganisms would be a really fresh and unique take on the beat´em up genre.

What is the future for Plasma Puncher? Do you have any plans for new content after launch? I expect to be pretty much done with the game once it´s released on all planned platforms. The only exception would be implementing an online multiplayer mode, if the game does well enough on Steam, and I feel there´s a good demand for something like this. Other than that, I´m already eager to move to other things...

Check out the Greenlight page!

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