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Polygon's Doom Debacle

Polygon has found itself at the center of an unusual controversy that has sparked an internet sensation. While playing the newest Doom during their first look review, a representative of the site played the game so poorly that Polygon had to pull the footage due to mass ridicule. Luckily, several people manged to nab some of their "gameplay" footage and posted it all over YouTube. Below we have a video of some highlights from this disaster presented by Dorkplay played to the tune of Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasms" theme song (which was oddly appropriate).

This isn't the first time Polygon has gotten some bad press. They also posted a negative review for Tropico 5 because the reviewer was offended by the fact that you could choose to rule the island as a heartless dictator. Polygon also gave Bayonetta 2 a bad review for being to sexual. This would be fine and dandy, after all, it is their opinion, and some people might be offended by certain aspects of both games. However, they gave Grand Theft Auto 5 a 9.5 out of 10. I mean really? I love GTA 5, don't get me wrong, but the game that allows you to bang a hooker, kill her with a baseball bat, go to a strip club to ogle at scantly clad women, and then unload an assault rifle in a shopping mall with the intent of killing innocent people gets a nearly perfect score, while Tropico and Bayonetta both get flak for being too sexual or too brutal? Now, our site might be a microscopic shit stain on the massive tapestry of video game press, but I sometimes worry about the state of some of the bigger game journalist sites. I mean, these are the people who get paid to report on issues in the industry. These journalists have a significant impact on what consumers think about games that developers have invested years of their lives into.

Either way, at least we got a lovely comedic gem from Polygon!

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