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Battlefield 1 Classes Confirmed

Battlefield 1 rocked the gaming world by introducing a theater of war that has barely been touched by first person shooters. Before Battlefield 1, Verdun, a WWI game created by a small team, took steam by storm. The game boasted outstanding gameplay, and proved that its WWI setting had more than what it takes to deliver a unique and fun experience.

Verdun might have been first to the party, but the game only focuses on more authentic, infantry based combat on the French front. Battlefield, on the other hand, is going to explore vehicular warfare, more diverse locations, and will most likely bend historical accuracy in favor of gameplay. As a developer, a WWI history buff, and a fan of both Battlefield and Verdun, I am very excited for this game. After the reveal of Battlefield 1's setting, another private video was released shortly after that revealed more information on the classes we can expect to see. The game features 4 primary classes and 4 vehicular classes, meaning that the player will be able to summon specialized vehicles before spawning. Assault: Armed with SMG’s and explosives, this class is designed to take out tanks and raid trenches up close.

SMG’s are actually pretty rare in WWI, and came during the last years of the war. Few saw service, but just like how Dice included the rarely used STG-44 and prototype Type 100 rifle for 1942 and 1943, it would not surprise me to see prototype SMGs included in the game.

Medic: Wielding a “Semi-Automatic” weapon, the medic has officially split from the Assault class from BF3 and Bf4, making them more focused on healing. Though the primary weapon of WWI was the bolt action rifle, many experimental Semi-Automatic rifles and widely used “Pistol Carbines” saw heavy use in the trenches. Support: Unchanged from the previous titles, Support brings in the devastating machine guns that became synonymous with trench warfare. Speculation is not too difficult for this class since the use of LMG was widespread throughout WWI, and some even found their way into WW2. Scout: Like the Support class, this class remains unchanged, and will bring sniper rifles and recon to the battlefield. It’s a no brainer that bolt action rifles are going to be a staple of the Scout’s sniping capabilities, BUT other more interesting Anti-Vehicle rifles will be employed, including elephant guns and anti-tank rifles.

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