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Batman vs Superman: 5 Reasons I Liked It

A Dark Theme

1. BvS was the first superhero movie that I felt emanated such a dark, unforgiving tone. Throughout the movie, you can feel Batman and Superman's blatant hate towards each other. The film felt like a fresh step away from the typical happy go lucky superhero duos we've come to expect from Hollywood. This unrelenting attitude allowed the movie to have a serious fray between two very well known superheroes.

Old Batman

2. Batman is finally showing some age. With an aged Batman, we see a man who has gone through hell, and he certainly shows it. The inspiration for this version of the caped crusader comes from Frank Miller's depiction of the hero. This badass variation of Batman doesn’t care how aggressive he needs to be to get the job done. It was surprising to see this restriction lifted off the character; allowing him to do some serious damage.


3. Ben Affleck has proven himself to be an impeccable choice for this role. It was easy to scoff at the idea that the former Daredevil would be able to pull off depicting the iconic character. After swimming through countless reviews of the movie, it becomes clear that not only Affleck pulled off the role of Batman, but also that he may have saved the movie.

Comic book style

4. The movie felt like comic book. Many critics have voiced their opinions that film was bouncing all over place from scene to scene. By having the plot emulate the feeling of jumping between panels, this bouncing all over the place actually made the film feel like a comic . Even when the movie began showing quick allusions to the future, the Justice League cast was portrayed like the "editor's notes" at the bottom of a panel.

DC movie

5. BvS didn’t bother trying to be a Marvel movie. Marvel has done a fantastic job with their cinematic universe, and it's about time DC gets in the game with their characters. It's awesome DC has decided to respect the darker tone that is prevalent in their comics. Here's to hoping that DC continues this trend in their upcoming cinematic universe.

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