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Anime Review: Erased

Erased has got to be the best anime this winter season. It was riveting, emotional, and downright amazing. The torture of waiting week to week for the next episode was real with this one. At the end of each episode, the show consistently leaves the audience on the edge of their seats.

Most importantly, I truly felt for all of the characters. I cared for their well-being, safety and happiness. Without getting into details of the story, this anime is truly an emotional roller coaster. There were many elements to the story that I did not expect to see in an anime.

The soundtrack was also on point throughout the season. For me, anime intros and outros tend to be too long, but for this one, I stayed for the whole ride each episode.

If I had to recommend one anime from this winter season, it would be Erased. If you're already an avid anime viewer, this is definitely one to check out. If anime usually isn't your thing, maybe this might be a good start.

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