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How to Preorder The PlayStation VR

After Sony's big announcement of a $399 price tag with an October ship date for the PlayStation VR, many have wondered when they would be able preorder the headset. Good news is that preorders will begin Tuesday, March 22, at 7 a.m. PDT (10 a.m. EDT) for the PSVR bundle which includes the headset, two Move controllers, the PlayStation 4 Camera and "PlayStation VR Worlds” for $499. Sony has said it will also allow preorders at future date for just the headset.

Amazon already has a statement on the PSVR page, satating that preorders will be up at 10am EDT. It is also assumed that BestBuy, Target and Walmart will be allowing preorders online at the same time. If you want to walk in and do a preorder, GameStop sounds like your only option as of right now. GameStop stores will be allowing one per customer, with a $100 down payment on Tuesday at 10am. Each store will only have a limited number of preorders. If you want the device on day one, my advice is be to be there early. Good luck!

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