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Quicky Review: LoZ: Twilight Princess HD

Now that I have had some time with The Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess HD I can easily say I'm impressed. Playing with the Wii U game pad was what i have been expecting since the first announcement of the console all those years ago.

I admit I have bought plenty of games for the system but none of them used the gamepad as I desired. Many games forced me to use the gamepad screen for what felt like underwhelming, gimmicky purposes, such as the horn in Mario Kart 8.

Being a remake not much has changed in the way of content as far as i remember. But somehow it still felt fresh and exciting. This is the Zelda game we were promised with the tech demo shown at E3.

Being an avid Amiibo collector I was very excited to see the Midna/Wolf Link Amiibo (my favorite Amiibo in my whole collection). The functionality of the Amiibo is pretty cool such as gaining access to the Cave of Shadows. Other Zelda Amiibos also function in the game allowing various perks (refilling hearts, arrows, and doubling enemy damaged).

My overall experience with the game has been pleasant. The graphics are better, the functionality of the controls feels fluid, and the addition of Amiibo makes the game play well and feel fresh.

To me the most exciting part is knowing the next installment of the Zelda franchise is a combination of Twilight Princess HD and Windwaker HD. Hopefully we'll be hearing more on that front in the coming months, along with the inevitable NX announcement.

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