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My Black Desert Experience

To make amends I made sure to be ready for the second test, currently going on at time of writing. I have put in about 2 hours into the game so far. So far I'm really enjoying it, reaching lvl 9. However, me being so inexperienced with this type of MMORPG I'm not used to having to “compete” for kills.

Black Desert, like most games, begins with the character doing tedious tasks as a means of teaching players how the game works. Part of this process is killing specified creatures to “learn more information” about them. Okay seems simple enough, nope. It's pretty hard to complete these tasks when there are 40+ people doing the exact same thing.

I spent much of my time trying to find the least populated creature spawn points. Whenever the creature popped up so did 10 other players. It was very frustrating striking the creature down to low health only for some archer to nail it from afar and getting the kill.

Looking past the frustrating tasks I was still able to appreciate other parts of the game. For example whenever there was some sort of tutorial the game would show it as a video in the corner. I thought this was a pretty nifty feature, especially for a noob like me. The game also didn't seem to have an overly complicated learning curve.

I look forward to putting more time into this beta and ultimately the final release.

*Update: Just announced; the game will be releasing next week Thursday, March 3rd! Anyone with preorders will get a early head start: Travelers Package 24 hrs, Explorer’s Package 48 hrs, and the Conqueror's Package 96 hrs. Please be aware that Friday, February 26th is the final day you can pre-order Black Desert with all the goodies.

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