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Tickets for San Diego Comic Con Go on Sale This Weekend

On February 20th at 9am PST, tickets for biggest pop culture convention will go on sale. San Diego Comic Con takes place over 4 days bringing huge movie announcements, exclusive footage (mostly for attendees) and all news pop culture related. Trying to secure tickets to this event is almost near impossible.

Tickets must be bought directly through Here . They also don't allow tickets to hit third party market such as stubhub. Tickets sellout in record times. Below is more info on how to secure your tickets.

"To attend Comic-Con 2016, you must purchase a badge online during Open Registration on February 20, 2016. If you have already purchased a Comic-Con 2016 Preview Night option during attendee preregistration, you are not eligible for Open Registration.

To participate in Comic-Con 2016 Open Registration, you must have a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID that was created before February 11, 2016. "

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