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Most Anticipated PC Games of 2016

1.Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak- Homeworld is finally back. A franchise that truly was ahead of it’s time. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is an RTS stepping away from it’s space battle roots for ground warfare. Homeworld will of course be bringing back the iconic high-end graphics and interstellar soundtrack that fans have come to expect. If you missed past two games Gearbox has released an updated HD collection on PC.

2.Firewatch- Firewatch caught my eye with its impressive and unique visuals. You play as a volunteer fire lookout named Henry at a national park. The game takes the player on a journey looking for clues and exploring strange activities happening near your lookout tower. We currently don’t have much information on story but as writing if the game’s story is as good as it’s graphics we could have major hit.

3. No Man’s Sky- We first learned about this game two years ago during Video Games Award Show. The debut footage caused a fire storm of hype for a game we knew very little about. The game uses a procedurally generated world making the experience unique to every player. According to the developers it will be impossible to explore the whole universe or to even encounter other players. The game developers are still tight lip about what end game is. Game boasts some impressive technical and visual feats making it a game to definitely keep an eye out for.

4. Far Cry Primal- Far Cry Primal is a unique twist on Ubisoft’s usual Far Cry format. Primal takes place in the Stone Age, meaning no guns, no vehicles, no technology. Primal will be featuring bows and rideable mammoths instead. Based on the past few trailers we see battles with hostile tribes, surviving jungle environments, and the ability to tame animals like tigers and bears; which can be used to fight on your side.

5. Overwatch- a brand new first-person shooter from creators of World of Warcraft, Blizzard. The game is currently in beta. Players from a vast number of very different characters, each with their own special skills and abilities. I have already played this game at PAX East and Blizzcon. From my experience this game is a lot fun and challenging. I put in close to 3 hours in playtime and each game was vastly different thanks to the many different characters available to play.

6. Tom Clancy’s The Division-The Division is another one of those games that has been faced with delay after delay. The combination of MMO-style game and shooter is interesting combo. The Division is going to have a pvp system similar to what we saw in Ultima Online. The Division is being consider as a potential Destiny killer. If The Division can deliver on its promises we could see Destiny fans jumping ship.

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